is a 10.000 generative NFT collection, each art work piece is unique and tells the story of Dracula and also serves as a ticket into
"The Association" a real estate agency for the metaverse.

All the earnings from virtual land in the metaverse will be distributed to holders.


As a Recap . Dracula & Associates is an Nft Project with 10.000 unique Nfts of Dracula himself , which will be backed by Associates through the Association . The mission of the Association is to acquire as much land in the metaverse as possible , the proceeds of witch will be redistributed to owners of a Dracula&Associates NFT. The more Associates you own the more power you will acquire in the Association . The heavy owners and buyers will rank up and will be accountable for more land than others, it’s as simple as that .
The Association

-The Association itself will be totally private and exclusively for owners of the Associates

- It will be held exclusively on Discord community group.   

- It will be public for everyone who wants to buy an Associate or to find out more details

- Rankings of every owner will be held on Discord publicly no backdoors no nothing everything public .

- Democratic system voting for Every Associate owner when we will buy land and the distribution of it .
200 Dracula&Associates NFT's will be reserved for social media marketing and collaborations with influencers
The first private round table meeting with the owners of Dracula&Associates regarding the FIRST LAND that will be bought
Private voting system for all the Owners, where every holder can vote for what to build on the land and how to monetize it in a way that will be beneficial to the whole association.
The Association is fully booked ! No more seats at the table. The only way to get a seat at the table in by owning an Associate

We aim to make this Nft Project one of the best Associations for buying virtual lands in Sandbox and Decentraland or any other metaverse voted by the association, every associate will be an active part in buying and developing this Association , Practically every owner of an Dracula&Associates NFT will be able to participate in the land buying process through a DAO system, the more Associates you own the more percentage and voting power you will hold in the DAO


Deep in the mountains of Transylvania Dracula guards the ancient book that holds the secret of the 10.000 paths, the dark knowledge to explore reality and

experience everything there is to experience to become

“The completed one” The paths guided Dracula in his many journey’s through the metaverse.


Character design

The type of guy that can make art out of anything, be it music, animations games or NFT’s

Social media and

Friend for life, never answers his phone the first time you call him, drives expensive cars
trades for a living

Art legend, has
an epic moustache

Between sessions of ayahuasca he emerges from his cave with visions from the future

Graphic design NINJA/UI & UX

Emerging in dark times she helped us create this website and brought us in the 21 st century

Knows nothing (he’s just here)

Is into fitness, potato chips and junk food, may or may not be part of a secret society

Dev Ops coding aficionado

Always has bad hair day, so dedicated to coding that she forgets to shower, morphs completely after beeing washed


What is the total supply ?

A total of 10.000 unique Associates

When is the launch date ?


How much does it cost to mint ?


Is there a limit on how many i can buy ?

2 per wallet