is a 10.000 generative NFT collection, each art work piece is unique and tells the story of Dracula

At Dracula & Associates, we have created a series of 10.000 generative NFTs, with each artwork telling the story of Dracula. But is he a villain or a hero? Deep in the mountains of Transylvania, he guards an ancient book that reveals the secrets of this life, the secrets to the 10.000 paths. He chose to give access to a select few members (his associates) that now control power beyond comprehension !. Are you ready to journey through the metaverse with Dracula?


Deep in the mountains of Transylvania Dracula guards the ancient book that holds the secret of the 10.000 paths, the dark knowledge to explore reality and

experience everything there is to experience to become

“The completed one” The paths guided Dracula in his many journey’s through the metaverse.


We will do a 10 NFT giveaway for the community each NFT will be a limited edition 1 of 1 with matching traits
10 ETH is added to the castle coffers for marketing, promotions and floor sweeping
The community will choose a foster house for children from Transylvania and we will donate 6% of earnings to them, we will also donate 1% of the secondary market fees to multiple foster houses chosen by the community on an ongoing basis
The coffers now contain 17 ETH that will be used for marketing, promotions and floor sweeping
Dracula shop, merch, gift store and special prizes for the community, we will host giveaways for our discord associates
The coffers now contain 24 ETH that will be used mainly for floor sweeping
We will host a massive giveaway for our community
50 Xbox Consoles
50 PS5  Consoles
The coffers are FULL ! 33 ETH, we will also do a floor sweep at this stage


Character design

The type of guy that can make art out of anything, be it music, animations games or NFT’s

Social media and

Friend for life, never answers his phone the first time you call him, drives expensive cars

Art legend, has
an epic moustache

Between sessions of ayahuasca he emerges from his cave with visions from the future

Graphic design NINJA/UI & UX

Emerging in dark times she helped us create this website and brought us in the 21 st century

Knows nothing (he’s just here)

Is into fitness, potato chips and junk food, may or may not be part of a secret society

Dev Ops coding aficionado

Always has bad hair day, so dedicated to coding that she forgets to shower, morphs completely after beeing washed


What is the total supply ?

A total of 10.000 unique Associates

When is the launch date ?

Minting in progress

How much does it cost to mint ?

0.08 ETH + Gas

Is there a limit on how many i can buy ?

There will be a limit of 15 NFT’s per address